3/29/2015 - South Street Story

I am pleased to announce the release of SOUTH STREET STORY a short documentary illuminating the current epic battle to preserve New York City's waterfront below the Brooklyn Bridge. The video was produced by WFN cable TV in Canada and directed by Tony Rammos.

Using Ms. Mensch's stark and compelling photographs as a backdrop, Mr. Rammos paints a poignant portrait of a neighborhood in conflict, as it tries to remain connected to its treasured historic past, while considering a developer's proposal to transform the area into a complex of malls and high rise luxury skyscrapers.


8/19/2013 - New Publication: The Norton Mix: American History

Publishing date September 2013

Including visual source material from:
Maps during the Age of Exploration ( 1436-1490), John White ( Paintings of Native Americans 1580) Robert Feke ( Portrait of Benjamin Franklin)
John Steuart Curry, Frederic Remington, Theodor Seuss Geisel( Dr Seuss), Bill Maudlin ( cartoonist from the Allied Front WWII)
Jacob Riis, Ansel Adams, Warren K. Leffler, Barbara Mensch and more.